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RSVP -or washington DC hotline 1 301 881 1655 TOnominate top 100 leader of 2010s = worldwide youth's most productive and collaborative decade.- a Norman Macrae Foundation Survey - see some emerging profiles at‚Ä?/div>
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Pro-Youth Gamechangers - and the forbidden curriculum of global professions ruling over destruction of local communities

Where can you action learn about courage needed to breakthrough the forbidden curriculum?Three most curious sources on mother of all system transformation challenges:C) Einstein and Keynes and Churchill in 1930s - Keynes defined economics as the profession that either designs or destroys futures youth needs most. Einstein notes on Gandhi's challenge of replacing British Empire's professions pondered what would happen the first time humanity needed to navigate borderless sustainability. Churchill's Inconvenient Truth ..1B) Entrepreneurial Revolution: The Economist in 1976 survey on what sort of entrepreneurs to invest in to lead youth to post-industrial revolution's borderless societies and abundant economics of millions times more collaboration. 2008's last article in this series advised on what to change to prevent 2010s being the decade of greatest depressions. The jury returned in 2012- when readers of The Economist agreed by narrow majority that the curriculum of mastering business has become that of destroying your nation's future.A) First chapter of Dr Yunus 2008 book on social business - action learning from dozens of cases designing business round heroic goals. Simplest reasons why that's not what any late 20th century western system values doing. 2013 update : US Congress awards Yunus Gold Medal as genius economist and humanitarian  In search of Gamechangers that may be our ne(x)t generation's last chance to free youth to sustain world.5 Worldwide Free online university provided its priority focus is on curriculum of gamechangers4 Cashless banking as opportunity to design banks that creates job3 Green energy as opportunity to harness energy that's sustain nature2 Mobilising apps and free curricula for nurses as 21st C most trusted grassroots information and service networkers1 Free BBC - Borderless Broadcasting Cheerleaders. Cross-cultural joy of heroic goals (eg uniting race round poverty museums) valuing millions times more collaboration capacity of open technology and borderless world. Youthful Cases of BBC - NY's and Paris's and See More
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water curriculum pistbag

a direct correspondence exists between chartering most sustainable purspose of free global market sector and the curriculum of that sector's practice that millions of worldwide youth most need access tohence start of our curriculum postabg series starting with gthe world's most essential product/serviec waterit turns out that the finalist in the mit100k sector that I was judging back in december is to do with how water heating systems work in nepal  (see below); i dont understand well enough to know if this has synergy with sorts of people interested in your /jims wifes grey water system innovationsif you think it has tell me and I will see if I can find way to directly introduce you to student team leaderscheers chrisps i have recently got reconnected with a brazilain who before bula came to power was one of his main constructive water for the peoples activists, and trying to make the foz water basins number 1 sumit area for water- he got as far as a 100000 scools curriculu on water for children in that region - i was a director of a london-based network whch helped him stage various events when the world social forums were popping up as exhanges between brazil and other continents; he now works in switzerald; if we were ever to do a coursera of water I would imagine he is vital to linkin - can I reintroduce you also to mark who is probably connecting more for youth entrepreneurship in egypt than anyone I will ever know- would imagine water is something we all need to linkin to co-editing forst million youth curriculum ofAutoSystemsThe IdeaWe are three MIT students passionate about bringing change and improving lives via technology and entrepreneurship.  With Autopump we are targeting problem of millions of people who live in a fragile urban infrastructure of developing countries. Intermittent electricity, and unreliable water supply in these countries are cutting into people's productivity, creating wastage and forcing people to plan lives around something as basic as water. Our pilot country is Nepal, but we expect to expand into other countries that have similar problems.The TeamSumana Shrestha, MBA 2013 is from Nepal and has diverse experience in finance, management consulting, and project management. Having lived in a developing country, she believes technology can bridge the gap with the developed countries.Amit Gandhi has been an organizer and participant in IDDS since 2007, where he has worked on many innovative and diverse start-up ideas ranging from health care diagnostics, energy, and plastic waste management.Owen Ogawa, MBA 2013 has engineering and business background making him an ideal person to bridge the gap between the two worlds.See More
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7 trillion dollars sectors whose purspose is least fit for 21st C teenage years

It is not that there aren't some sectors whose gap between wholeplanet purpose and current image-led mess isnt as shockingly anti-youth but these 7 sectirs were identofied by dad at The Economist 40 years ago as the most critical to the net generation after he and I had first seen 400 youth sharing knowhow around a digital network. That these scetors are so far from what would multilpy youth's productivity around shows how badly hijached entrepreneurial revolution dialogues my dad started 40 years ago have become. 7 curriculum that can free worldwide youth from failed economists/politiciansPosted by chris macrae on January 29, 2013 at 12:12pmView DiscussionsThe 21st C has reached its teenage years, and today's net generation has wholeplanet access to million times more collaboration technology than ever before, but in many nations we are devaluing more and more youth's lifetimes. To a maths guy like me this stinks of systems failureOver 80 years ago, Keynes provided the simplest lesson on how to prevent a world from being taken over by failed systems. Unfortunately he may have worded his 2 conclusions in such a way that some people are offended by one, the rest by the other- with the result that school teachers are odered to avoid keynes like the plague. What are two liberating findings that young peope in most if not every nation are never permitted to debate at school1 increasingly the world will be ruled only by economics!2 therefore the greatest risks to the futures youth need most will revolve round elderly economists!I count myself as a truly lucky person because my dad was probably the first economist to see 500 youth sharing knowhow around an early digital network - an experience he and I shared in 1972. So dad spent the rest of his life writing in The Economist and wherever curious leadership media exist on how to value Keynes findings so that the net generation can be the most productive,sustainable and heroic ever to have graced this earth of ours.Seven Wondrous 21st C Curriculum that can save worldwide youth from 20th Rulers of the World7 education -broken system repairable with mooc youth entrepreneur competitions mandela partners free university models ; hubs that are pro-student ;open tech networks; open space and other radically different facilitaion methods ..6 clean energy5 nutrition and health4 massively  heroic mediation3 open technology and cross-cultural community spaces2 banking and pro-youth investment funds1 helping politicians and professions to beome borderless public servantswhile most of this ning appeals to young people to provide us with curriculum tours of what to go and see in their counrry and start up win-win trades with, its the case that worldwide youth need to help each other with the above 7 curriculumPlease help us all use this future-mapping- back style rule - explore with Q&A do not use a mindset that llike every failed economisy Keynes had met plans futures for othersFirst let's play  game - the reasons why the purposes of the 7 wonders can be so liberating are differentA which 3 are the only liberators throughout histoy of massive leap forwards of our whole human raceB which 2 are individually necessary to have a chance of growing up to maixise the creativity you were born withC Which 2 are needed so peoples collaborate ahead of time in preventing  the risks now that the future of our human race is forever more connected than geographicaly separatedAnswer A 7, 6 ,3; B 5 2 ; C 4 1  See More
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What is the purpose of food and drinking water? To nurture healthy lifetimes particularly at most critical phases of growth of which the first 1000 days is agreed by nutrition experts to be the foundation of everything else a human body's will go on to produce Politicians and other powerful people of different beliefs and cultural histories may argue over ideal constitutions and the impacts of man-made laws but while nature accepts the human species as smartest in her evolutionary journey let us trust that we the peoples value the essential human dna of parents wanting to see their children grow up healthy and with a chance to make the most of their lifetimes; without basic right to access to quality food and water for all it is hard to see how peoples of any place can be free and productive- that at any rate has been the basic tenet of mediating economics as the industrial revolution's exponentials waved round the world, and it was mapped as the valuation criteria for net generation economics of entrepreneurial revolutionaries who started studying post-industrial revolution in the early 1970s transparency of value chains as we move from a highly bordered world to being connected through a borderless world if only because the new productivity of knowledge multiples value in shared use and the new model of distribution- digital replication is ubiqitous as a potential boost to productive lifetimes wherever people have affordable mobile access  hunger stories -ie solutions to some of the world's greatest hunger challenges are contextual to who journalises them but we hope you find at least one among these that interests you (of course we welcome knowing other inspiring stories that belong in the same space)-  whyb over half of scots emigrated and the origins of ecobonics part 1 and 2'founding of The Economist; crop science as one of japan's proudest gifts to the world and asia pacific www century ; the founding  -and catalyst of greatest innovation leaps of world's greatest youth investment backs;  founding of the hunger project;  potential sustainability breakthrough in usaid; one of top re-education demands wherever we host student ER competitionsSee More
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