map prior to charter of youth5000 network that saves world

JUNE 26 Japan Embassy continues serial quest for youth networks whose investment in and celebration of can sustain the world -

in part association with family foundation of The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant

here's update of our thinking on the search and formation of a youth alumni network of 5000 who can save the world or at least grow economies more sustainably than any network of 5000 traders hired by big banks

lets map searches around 10 clusters of 500 - if 500 is too many for one nominated leader's team to scout? youth with tech or other practical collaboration qualities we can always split some of the 500s into subclusters


quick interaction start - 1 and 2 s.africa and bangladesh

in principle taddy blecher with mandela free uni partners that include branson google africa kiva will identify 500 of his alumni out of s.africa (and across africa he recently had joyful meet yunus in gabon). and around mostofa we have set up a quest that japan and brac seem interested inter alia of identifying 500 bangladeshi wizard youth who will be significant creators of bangladesh's exports and end poverty goals- we also have some urgent special apps to help knowledge network that include cashless banking. Also where you read bangladeshi please include those in india who support bangladesh youth democracy openly- i am not smart enough in local cultures to make that call though when it comes to practice areas mostofa and mrs begum have already verified such world citizen youth epicentres as www.cmseducation.org in lucknow and the remarkable gandhi family who started this schooling of 50000 children a year social business and the only education system to win a unesco peace award)

3 japan and 4 MIT (world's largest job creation alumni network and champion of open everything)

I cant separate anything that relates my dad's optimism, microeconomics and his maps of what netgen can do with million times more collaboration with his interests in ensuring 3 and 4 are at the core of pro-youth economics. I hope to be able to build on that next time I attend a japanese embassy event and in parallel have deepened a lot of hi-trust connections with MIT (and boston region) but it is true these only radically improve if dad's foundation and I can co-host a party at MIT either with a sir fazle friends network or a Japanese fiends network. Of course if you find other ways of eg activating the mit collaboration in youth 5000 lets just do iT

5 rest n.america

at the moment i see a rest of north america search linking in such movements as jobs competitions (5 legs of which with yunus dads foundation will have helped consponsor over 12 month period), clarifications of microcredit partnerships that wholeplanet's conscious capitalism movement brings corporate approval , links to youth movements be theythegreenchildren or the dollar a day survivor student clubs, developmemt of 500 acres of alabama to build a 21st century agriculture and technolgy university which is dedicated to poveryt museum inspirations of yunus family (muhammad and monica) and manifests this in the way that it frees students to job create- it can borrow a lot on what s.africa's free university has learnt as well as encourage the most open youth networking in ways that historically the other grameen foundations in usa havent wholly done. Since 9/11 monica www/singforhe.org www.monicayunus.com? reconfigured her life not just to be the best opera singer she can be but to bring back superstars to really supporting deep community and youth projects. over time she guarantees mobilisation? of her father's inspiration cross-cutlural will be alive in america for generations to come, and her east european family roots make wonderful connections too

6 auld allies - french and scottish youth

to the extent that global social business partnering became yunus' most inclusive idea to integrate all his past work but to enable people to free any market or tech purpose not just financial expertise then my last 7 years of interviews show this couldnt have happened without france - so people like zasheem and i are linking in french youth and continuing to attend the 2 biggest events of the calendar september www.convergences2015.org and spring's www.danonecommunities.com? further more paris sports the greatest model for world service media at www.africa24tv.com and provides the whole of europes benchmark model or how lans can end unemployment www.adie.org - paris' future capital is also relevant in ending merkel's destruction of keynes and celebrating the real meaning of entrepreneur was coined by the french and has always twinned with the scotish economic movements that adam smith began but which were unified from 1843 by the founder of The Economist who twin social action goals were to end hunger and to end capital abuse of youth - and after charming queen victoria ending empire. Scotland can build a thriving entreprise economy in every way that people ruled by brussel sprouts cant. we hope to link in to the energies of sir tom hunter who in his better cashflow bays banked the startup of clinton global. we also want to see glasgow's adam smith university and scottish enetreprise boards taward the freedom of the city to their most influential living alumni sir fazle

7 green

youth 5000 doesnt have to be regiionally anchored- so we hope that once some of 1-6 are more clearly identified we can get the sainsbury foundations to linkin their existing championing of green energy to identify green youth 500 - their links go up through royals, aross through shareholdrs of The Economist and deeply into most any culture europe has ever helped share with the world. Two things people forget about keynes theory and cultural joy- he said old macroeconomsts were the greatest risk to the future of youth and he would have celebrated monica's promotion of youth and the arts louder than anyone.

8 china

I have a dream that one day i will bump into jack ma or someone chinese who can bring a hi-trust 500 chinese youth to the convergence -

9 spain, greece, royals not euros of europe

from our editorial understanding of who put most opinion leading weight across 15 years of microcreditsummit as the peoples millennium goal summit,? i would like to do something that honored queen sofia's needs for her peoples which of course include linking in regeration of spanish-speaking and greek youth; at one time the last 3 years was supposed according to microcreditsummit to be that focus if you recall how ingrid munro and sam daley harris flew over to madrid in 2009 to make the joint call with queen sofia; there is no reason why we should link in all european families who are concerened more deeeply about the sustainability of their peopes than the bureaucrats and politicians whose mess the Euro is


do you have a most urgent nomination i have left out


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7 Beijing
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2 Changsha
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5 Chongqing 6 Shanghai
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city discussion ..Tianjin Guangzhou, Shenzhen

2 vatican pope-climate -movie Itruth sequel

Where would you like to benchmark with world record job creation? China - Jinping or Ma - the greatest country to collaborate with on the most sustainability jobs 2016 to 2030 Bangladesh - Sir Fazle or Yunus the country with the most solutions for empowering women and ending systemic extremes of poverty Timely Tipping Point & Leapfrog Investment translators across hemispheres- Jim Kim or George Soros Berners Lee & Owen The greaters openers of space - real and virtual Scaling's most courageous innovators teaching has ever seen with or without help of western media and professional monopolies - Gandhi School, May, Rachel

to charter- back in the late 1980s a group of us started asking how can the world's greatest visions (1) in terms of advancing the human lot be organised so that everyone passionate about a goal can network around it

we welcome all practitioners and youthful learners to the compass of http://www.huoliu21.top/

 what's the biggest purpose you want to see networked during life time?

ER ECONOMICS & CHARTER help design futures peoples want most- we mobilise and app entrepreneurial economics principle of action futures now to invest in longer-term prosperity that win-win-win models compound

major innovation tools linked in by charter profession include - jobscompetitions; open space ; grounded theory of opinion research; collaboration cafe; collaboration city searches - example-

also 12 grades of practising email- and such k-12 methods as new zealand has liberated since 1984 at http://thelearningweb.net - for evolution of digital structures since 1984 see Gordon Dryden paperfor journal of pro-youth economics and social business


please note that CHARTER like most methods that Entrepreneurial Revolution fans have spent 40 years working on since The Economist first announced ER challenges: while there is a minimal process of facilitating charters- its contextual. Try one out -q1 who in the world will uniquely miss what if we fail on the most valuable www project we know of: namely how do find 5000 youth of net generation whose collaborations can sustain growth through global villages faster than 5000 big bankers/politicos can collapse communities

- video on this challenge televised by new york's bronx tv as follow up to yunus launch talk of youth economics 2008

related yout economics projects: help find 100 leaders who value view that 2010s can be youth's most productive decade ; help innovate audits of all trillion dolar markets- eg health, edu, nutrition, media for the purpose eoples want most

charter is a collaboration leadership tool developed by Macrae Family from late 80s with 2 particular perspectives:

an entreprenurial competence of media people is to help communities question and answer what futures people want most in the most transparent and cross-cultural ways

in reserach for von neumann's biography- we valued his question - in a networking age what tools will people who want to have a good impact on maximum numbers of people use given that they will probaly be asked to help with 50 projects at a time each of whose computing anyaltics will be getting faster nd faster

while charering was intended to be a communications tool for maxiising involveent in progressing a huge goal , it turned out that the most central question oof all chartering is also the most central question for all goodwill audits including those that:

celebrate transparency

modl sustainable growth (as well as risk of collapse) as needing audits of exponential impact which are already spinning the future depending n relationship investments already made

wish to see if abundancy economics odleing eg how knowledge multiolies value in use can be much more valuable than 20th c scarcity econoics caused by consuming up things

like other tools that value open colaboration, anyone's quesstion can be valuable - note how a 9 year old asked the best question among over 1000 New yorkers at this january 2008 briefing

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