Purpose Cataloguing Lists, and social or business models

breaking news = help match youth's 10000 greatest job creators with the most valuabe of trillion dollar global markets - food, health, energy,?prizes celebrated?-your choice rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk?

If you were to set out in several dimensions to improve the human lot, how many would you choose? Arguably the more the better (such as list 1) if you are giving youth a choice -particularly when n a city like?Washington DC40000 students have 3 sorts of better choices- inside the district, nationally, developing countries. In terms of a book arguing which market sectors must be freed by youth economics first, perhaps a shortlist (such as list 2) with detailed anticipation of upcoming gamechnagers

youth actions linkedin:..............................................................


20 social media and open tech wizards chowdhury rami Gintel? Lsocial??

19 nursing -various celebrating free nursing college

18 mobilising medical apps -see 20; serach mit...?

17 nutrition to inner city - see student circle: food deserts; aquaponics; food security; crop science YJand feedthefuture value chain maps

16 bioenergy - see solar and biogas ovens; biogas source collection; celebrate with ashden; interface zero waste half-gen plans; linkin to carbon war office and sustainabilityIG

15 ending waste/carbon - see 16?

14 crop science -see 17/16

13 funding and incubation hubbed round emerging graduates -see also links to regional dev plans -eg dc's 100k job plan

12 recruiting superstars to youth community projects related to their stardom - seesingforhope; activeresistance; 2010s greatest exploration project

11 women entrepreneurs

10 creating jobs for girls around orphanages or villages

9 youth in foreign assistance

8 developing missing curriculum of youth - get financial literacy -see aflatoun. 10000girl

7 helping regenerate with whatever is a state's most underused skill base

6 any other social service youth most passionate about developing ground up social lab -eg our regions expertise included in atlanta 2012 included : the blind, teen pregnancy , ....

5 any millennium goal collaboration foreign embassies most want to linkin to dc through visiting or diaspora students with a particular focus on africa while obama can help celebrate that

4 anything that builds student trade relationships with china

3 anything that celebrates youth's greatest job creators - see youth10000

2 returning to banks with values -see gabv.org ; cashlessbanking; japan conf

1 changing economists to be pro-youth ?-see macrae.tv

0 open content movement partnering of universities/colleges with job creators not examiners of theories- as you probably know bhuiyan's boss in alabama is an MIT alumn and aims to start a university of poverty in alabama round the sorts of processes that have made MIT alumni the number 1 job creating social network all over the world - linking dc into that during obama 2.1 may define what america's net generation contributes

A) refurbisihing local shelter/property for poor



CONTRIBUTE TO BOOK OF MAPS TO SAVE THE WORLD.......................................................................................................................................

maps only work bottom-up - may travel great distance but if you miss a local connection (missing or changed) you're stuffed

collaborative -amount of data to linking and uptodate - early constructs of web (b)log and navigate- -question: how did Berners Lee purpose of www get taken over by non-mapping terms

HOW CAN POOREST WOMEN SAVE THE WORLD by banks that grow out of community markets and knowledge sharing hubs; that focus on value exchanges mothers can network around homes and communities; by investing in next generation



better sources of energy are one of 2 stimuli of massive advances in the human lot ; local access to nutrition can save people both from both hunger and obesity; clean can keep water clean



be job-creating not theoretical; gandhi's initiaitve - today we need to end education that examines - main routes to job creation are- withy more changing than staying constant we need to help youth love curiosity - financial literacy ; cross-cultural values; new zealand; jobs competitions


be invested in 3 billion jobs- economics not of debt but of next productivity = replace command and control politicians with public servants - and end domination of mass media of old economists; by celebrate right sorts of heroes for empowering youth to be free and joyful; by prioritising living apps and co-producing most exciting millennium goals; by replacing controling violnence by cross-culturally flowing joy of peace


navigation - map- living apps - healthcare and



exponentials multi-win modeling transparency- conflict resolution ahead of time - goodwill as multi-win models while sustaining positive cashflow - brochure of models


or a direct way is to c-create a series of blogs- how man of youth's 10000 greatest job creators will do so with?food .... health ... opentech ....

Which Multi-Win Model could you change the world of business and society with?



Value multiplying MODELS

Social Business 100%

Social Business 51+%

Open Source Community-Franchise

Transparent value chain ? mapping

Conscious Capitalism

Family-owned purpose ? companies

Social Impact Bond

Patient Capital

Other goodwill-integrated ? 10-win value exchanges

Hi-trust regional ? sufficiency leadership

Mediating purpose of whole ? market

From the early 1970s, pro-youth ? economics editors at The Economist invited leaders to join an Entrepreneurial ? Revolution (ER). All of the 20th century organisational system needed to ? change to go way above zero-sum if the first net generation was to be youth's ? most productive and sustainable time. Such an economics of abundancy was ? possible, nay essential as unlike consuming up things, knowledge multiplies ? value in use and the borderless nature f networks demands transparency in ? preventing risks from compounding at boundaries where 20th c professions ? advised managers to separate responsibilities. This brochure catalogues the ? most exciting multi-win models we have found to date - the ER? search continues with your help





Social Business 100% model aims to compound the most purposeful inter-generational models.


SB100 system design

Of 20th Century's main typologies - corporate, government, ? charity - only the corporate brand leader is actually free to compound ? investment in a continuous goal. Therefore financial sustainability of a? positive cashflow model is essential to ? compounding purpose but what is not needed in the social business is ? extraction of a dividend. Instead all the surplus is reinvested either in ? making organisation better at its purpose or scaling its service reach or enriching its job creation platform.


Those who help finance a social business start-up can take ? their capital back, and participate in the reputation celebration of ? delivering a life-changing innovation but do not own the equity. 100% ? ownership of the social business model is owned (in trust) of those in greatest ? need of the purposeful goal's achievement


Social business empowers those who have not had a voice in ? concept innovation to linkin with the most contextually grounded ideas. ? Logically it is the game changing model for youth, parents and others in the community? who want to celebrate job creation as the ? core purpose of education systems. Refer: to Muhammad Yunus? Social Business Prize competition roles in celebrating ? youth entrepreneurship and progress of millennium goal networks.


Who's capital? Charities and foundations can gain from a ? sustainable model. Societies looking for a more economical way of delivering ? social services than top-down government (social privatisation) or ? inter-government aid. Corporations looking for a more purposeful way to ? promote purpose that ads and PR. Youth investment banking and pro-youth ? economists


Innovation and conflict resolution Opportunities? To date ? the greatest applications of SB100 modeling have emerged from those who ? intuitively or explicitly wished to change transparency of value chains. This ? means that SB modelers must anticipate conflict resolution from those who ? have historically profited from blocking a purpose. This is one reason why it ? may take many years of implementation but once communal victory is ? demonstrated the impact trajectory social business often gets on a rising ? exponential - moore's law acceleration towards its goal. Social business ? concept development is most economical when a team can truial and eror test ? small before replicating success big


Threats? A social business's financing can prove anorexic ? -either in situations like technology where serial investment may be needed ? or because speculators or others who the social business appeared to remove ? from controlling value chain strike back at times of leadership succession or ? other relative weakness of the social business






Social Business 51+% model balance's pursuit of purpose with entrepreneur's control over her life-work


SB51+ system design


The only system design difference between the classical ? (Yunus) 100% Social Business and SB51+ concerns how much (of the majority of ? the) equity is placed (in trust) of those in greatest need of the purpose.


The change is huge constitutionally because once you ? design a system where some of the equity is privately owned it may no longer ? be possible to ask for social funds be this from charities or in substituting ? how government spends its tax revenues, and the volunteer components of ? production may be diminished


If you consider the knowledge co-working dynamics of the ? post-industrial revolution it was argued by Von Neumann, Drucker, The ? Economist and others that the revolution in abundant economics would depend ? more on start-ups being human capital hungry than monetarily so.


Googles of this world were born out of socially networked ? dorms not capital-intensive structures of massive factories.

Would google's founders have maintained more control of ? their life's work if they had invested 51% in trust of the greatest purpose ? of search?- in effect that's giving a way one potential "doubling" ? of equity to be grounded in the core purpose of their brand leadership ? vision. Conversely when Muhammad Yunus' role changed from being banker for ? the poor to integrating technology for the poor, would his life's work have ? had more security if George Soros had asked that his free loan to startup ? Grameenphone be used to develop a SB51 around Muhammad Yunus' investment ? acumen?




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- video on this challenge televised by new york's bronx tv as follow up to yunus launch talk of youth economics 2008

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an entreprenurial competence of media people is to help communities question and answer what futures people want most in the most transparent and cross-cultural ways

in reserach for von neumann's biography- we valued his question - in a networking age what tools will people who want to have a good impact on maximum numbers of people use given that they will probaly be asked to help with 50 projects at a time each of whose computing anyaltics will be getting faster nd faster

while charering was intended to be a communications tool for maxiising involveent in progressing a huge goal , it turned out that the most central question oof all chartering is also the most central question for all goodwill audits including those that:

celebrate transparency

modl sustainable growth (as well as risk of collapse) as needing audits of exponential impact which are already spinning the future depending n relationship investments already made

wish to see if abundancy economics odleing eg how knowledge multiolies value in use can be much more valuable than 20th c scarcity econoics caused by consuming up things

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