kim 2012 job interview with obama - high point of ?2009-2016 ?http://freakonomics.com/2015/02/19/hacking-the-world-bank-full-tran...

win-win leadership connections 2017 -2021

jim kim starts his second 5 years term

xi jinping second half of 10 yeras starts with choosing 5 of china's top 6 leaders and clarifying the signature goals of his era

china g20 at hangzhou 2016 made these clear in terms of foreign wein-win trade

see the 17 speeches jinping made

map every collaboration clusters

g20 - south lands argentina 2018

g20 eastern lands india 2019 and BRICS and Asean INfrastructure Bank

japan tokyo olympics 2020 maps greatest spiiritual connections with jack ma now the olymlpics biggest sponsor

one road 50 invites nations to connect railroad and maritime routs from china across hemisphere to venice the old marco pol route and across to africa djibouti ? -links?1

china has 100 supercity projects being fast tested - most wins will be twinnable with any sustainable city goal 11

"in fact collaboration goals would be a beter name than sustainability goals"


half bilion jobs needed for china's under 30s -china see vast majority of tese depend on world joining in building greatest #learninggeneration

corruption to come down across pafrty ;politicians

business leaders wkith cosncious purposes will be rewarded and media connected

note that te 3rd and 4th revolution of cirporate china are all digital the second one started around 1990 with privatisation oif utilities; the first in 1976 began by invitinhg china's welthy diassora to inward invest?

why not help Small Medium Enterprises the global over redesign sociloa world gtrade on a free electroinic world trade ;platform

Homepage?>?World Video

Leaders endorse eWTP at G20 Hangzhou summit to benefit world trade

Reporter:?Li Sien, Zhang Chuanlu, Xing Mingzhe?丨 CCTV.com

09-08-2016 10:47 BJT

Full coverage:?G20 Hangzhou Summit

One of the major outcomes endorsed by world leaders at the G20 Hangzhou summit is to establish the Electronic World Trade Platform, or eWTP. It was initiated by Jack Ma, founder and chairman of the Alibaba Group. So how will it work and what does it mean to the global trade system? CCTV’s Xing Zheming asked some participants from the China International Fair for Investment and Trade in Xiamen about their comments on the e-WTP.

Anna Kovaleya from Yandex Money, said, "We believe it is a great step. Obviously, given the current landscape, it’s an interesting project which has a potential. But we also believe that the existing platforms are gonna be competing. So we believe in competition and with the existence of one more platform like that is also going to improve the quality of the existing ones."

Nico Leerdam, co-chairman of european investment council, said, "In the realm of e-commerce development, large international organization like the WTO should get involved into providing a very good set of guidelines and a way where they can stimulate and facilitate the trade further. I have recently also heard about the initiative from Jack Ma. I think it is very good. That many countries will get involved and set up similar ideas, a very good platform for developing the trade."

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1 Kissinger
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3 Jack Ma Language Teacher, Global Village Job Creation's Wealthiest Entrepreneur (C1) global friends updated Sept 016 aug 2016 AliResearch AliBabaUni Hupan.com
3.1 Jim Kim (G1) WorldBank , Franciscan POP, UNCTAD, Education Commission
3.2 Gordon Brown (G4) Education Commission Inaugural Philanthropy Summit Blockchain (soon to be Blockchain)
3.3 Richard Branson (G5) - common interest blockchain, entrepreneur curricula, infiltrating g20 with green finance and B corp- main B20 china leaders green buildings Zhang Yue (C2), Satoshi(G6)
4 Jack Ma China G20 Friends : Xi Jinping (C3) , Qiu Yong (C4) Qian Yingyi (C5) Ai Feng (C6) Xu Jinghong (C7)
4.1 3 Jinping ONE BELT ONE ROAD, Infrastructure Bank, Climate World Leaders, EWTP
5 Jack Ma Friends helping set up Global University of Sustainability & Leapfrog Coding - Joe Tsai (C8), Feng Lun Vantone, china centre world trade NY (C9), Guo Guangchang Fosun (C10), Shi Yuzhu Giant Interactive (c11) , Huang Nubo Zhingkun (C12), Bernard Chan HK (C13), Allan Zeman HK (G7), Charles Yen TW (C14)
5.1 BRAC
5.3 China Capitalism (CC)
5.4 what is the social and the business model?
5.5 Project Everyone
6 ValuingYouth
6.1 partners of 7 billion peoples' S-goals-Goal 17
6.2 end poverty -Goal 1
6.3 end hunger - Goal 2
6.4 healthy, lives - Goal 3
6.5 Quality Education - Goal 4
6.6 Gender Equality -Goal 5
6.7 Goal 11 sustainable city/community - first annual youth review Quito Oct 2016- ecuador's Galapagos isles was where darwin studied so this location is apt for Youth in UNhabitat's main goal
6.8 Goal 12 responsible production and consumption - nominated as lead theme of UN International Youth Day 2016 (Aug 12); Valuing girls was prominent secondary topic with Unwomen and Wikipedia teaming up to co-launch the rising 21st C genre of HERSTORY
6.9 other goals -6 Clean water and sanitation 7 Affordable land and clean energy...8 Decent work and economic growth...9 Industry innovation and infrastructure...10 Reduced inequalities...11 Sustainable cities and communities...12 Responsible consumption and production 13 Climate action...14 Life below water...15 Life on land...16 Peace and justice- strong institutions...17...partnerships for the goals
7 QuarterBillionGirls -pilots of Valuing Youth
8 Diary C100 meets

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Where would you like to benchmark with world record job creation? China - Jinping or Ma - the greatest country to collaborate with on the most sustainability jobs 2016 to 2030 Bangladesh - Sir Fazle or Yunus the country with the most solutions for empowering women and ending systemic extremes of poverty Timely Tipping Point & Leapfrog Investment translators across hemispheres- Jim Kim or George Soros Berners Lee & Owen The greaters openers of space - real and virtual Scaling's most courageous innovators teaching has ever seen with or without help of western media and professional monopolies - Gandhi School, May, Rachel

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- video on this challenge televised by new york's bronx tv as follow up to yunus launch talk of youth economics 2008

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charter is a collaboration leadership tool developed by Macrae Family from late 80s with 2 particular perspectives:

an entreprenurial competence of media people is to help communities question and answer what futures people want most in the most transparent and cross-cultural ways

in reserach for von neumann's biography- we valued his question - in a networking age what tools will people who want to have a good impact on maximum numbers of people use given that they will probaly be asked to help with 50 projects at a time each of whose computing anyaltics will be getting faster nd faster

while charering was intended to be a communications tool for maxiising involveent in progressing a huge goal , it turned out that the most central question oof all chartering is also the most central question for all goodwill audits including those that:

celebrate transparency

modl sustainable growth (as well as risk of collapse) as needing audits of exponential impact which are already spinning the future depending n relationship investments already made

wish to see if abundancy economics odleing eg how knowledge multiolies value in use can be much more valuable than 20th c scarcity econoics caused by consuming up things

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