what would the world miss if net generation doesnt build sustainable charities


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Charity q1 what would the world miss if net generation doesnt build sustainable charities?Norman Macrae Family and friends at The Economist have stage 3 massive dialogues on this subject - and on ecah occasion concluded : peace, sustainability of future generations - other stuff that made our species most compatible with nation's evolutionary rules

1972-1982 we asked this in The Economist series on Entrepreneurial Revolution

1984 we published book mapping milenniu goals and timelines of net generation with both worldwide and differentially translated foci - last version of which was sweden's in 1990

2007 on we have hosted 2050 book club and 10000 youth dvd club around dr yunus invitation to debate the same question-? the summary of all those dialogues is best updated by yunus findings

a charity that isnt sustainablle doesnt see that the people its mission is about are best sevred by intervening in value chains that exclude them - back in 1976 the 3 value chains yunus intervened in first were ns between vilage banking, the poorest in the vilage owning community market exchnages, and turning such value exchnage into life-critical knowledge hubbing

back in 1996 yunus seized on 2 new opportunities to interface : mobile telecoms and solar energy with the other three; by now hiw grassroots woen networks had sustained over 100000 vilage hubs of 60 members in each- all were unable to share their knowledge until the telephone lady model made a shared mobile phone in each 60 person hub the most exciting micreontreprenurual franchsie vilage women had ever seen; today 16 years later yunus has discioverd that the most valuable mobile connector can be the vilage girl trained up to be a 21st c nurse which is a job that practices basic helath delivery but brilaint information connectivity so that the degrees of sepatation between experts and those detected to be in life critical situations coes down


q2.what can student entrepreneur competitions do next? they can decide whether they wish ti stage a world call stream of projects on sustainable charity models or partner with other student cometition networks that do..

q3. what can leaders of 2010s=youth's most productive decade do next .. help us search 100 such leaders profiles at http://wholeplanet.tv - help count up how many of the 100 most exciting goals of 2010s being led need to partner with sustainable charity design- double check this with dialogues and actions linking in post 2015 millennium goals

q4. what can open-tech wizards, mediators and journalists for humanity do next?..? ??? huge opportunities realted to sustainable charities....

Q5. ...

how can we? help deveop an open catalogue of which charities are sustainable and what to do with the biggest charities in the world that are not yet sustaibale




what gamechangers ...

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please note that CHARTER like most methods that Entrepreneurial Revolution fans have spent 40 years working on since The Economist first announced ER challenges: while there is a minimal process of facilitating charters- its contextual. Try one out -q1 who in the world will uniquely miss what if we fail on the most valuable www project we know of: namely how do find 5000 youth of net generation whose collaborations can sustain growth through global villages faster than 5000 big bankers/politicos can collapse communities

- video on this challenge televised by new york's bronx tv as follow up to yunus launch talk of youth economics 2008

related yout economics projects: help find 100 leaders who value view that 2010s can be youth's most productive decade ; help innovate audits of all trillion dolar markets- eg health, edu, nutrition, media for the purpose eoples want most

charter is a collaboration leadership tool developed by Macrae Family from late 80s with 2 particular perspectives:

an entreprenurial competence of media people is to help communities question and answer what futures people want most in the most transparent and cross-cultural ways

in reserach for von neumann's biography- we valued his question - in a networking age what tools will people who want to have a good impact on maximum numbers of people use given that they will probaly be asked to help with 50 projects at a time each of whose computing anyaltics will be getting faster nd faster

while charering was intended to be a communications tool for maxiising involveent in progressing a huge goal , it turned out that the most central question oof all chartering is also the most central question for all goodwill audits including those that:

celebrate transparency

modl sustainable growth (as well as risk of collapse) as needing audits of exponential impact which are already spinning the future depending n relationship investments already made

wish to see if abundancy economics odleing eg how knowledge multiolies value in use can be much more valuable than 20th c scarcity econoics caused by consuming up things

like other tools that value open colaboration, anyone's quesstion can be valuable - note how a 9 year old asked the best question among over 1000 New yorkers at this january 2008 briefing

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